Visa Universe Travel Inc. is committed to providing solutions for travelers needing to secure visas for entry into travel destinations. Visa Universe has access to a network of resources that can provide fast, efficient and competitively priced visa solutions.

We provide one stop visa and application processing services to over 100 countries worldwide for all visa categories. We also provide Russian Tours and Travel Insurance services.

Our People & Staff
Our trained professionals supply visa requirement for the international traveler, giving up-to-date application forms and keeping clients informed. Visa Universe takes personal pride in providing our customers with first-rate service. Obtaining the correct visa at the right time can be an exacting procedure and our company can deliver!

We can assure clients that their passport is ALWAYS in good hands and we are here to assist our clients to ensure timely and prompt completion of every visa. Our staff have the best communication skills, are responsive and able to offer flexible and customized solutions to meet customer needs and special requests. What's more, we offer effective and prompt response should complications arise.

Visa Universe uses state of the art technology to keep up to date with our fast paced world. To keep our clients more informed, information is at their fingertips through the use of our website and toll free phone number. We like to make it easy for our clients to obtain the correct information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We Offer the best price, expertise, and service.

Why use Visa Universe?
Protection: Visa fees and regulations change frequently. An outdated form or fee will usually invite a refusal or delay of the visa. It is not economically possible for any company other than a reputable professional visa service to keep well over 350 current forms and fees readily available.

In addition, many countries are very strict about who is and is not eligible for a visa. This may require a change in the proposed itinerary or stated purpose of the trip, something that a visa professional is normally familiar with.

Convenience: Hours of operation for visas at Consulates and Embassies are usually very limited, meaning you could spend many hours in line-ups or making phone calls just to get an answer to questions that we consider routine.

For travelers needing visas for entry into multiple countries, Visa Universe can manage and monitor all your applications for you.

Flexibility: Some countries can be very strict about the integrity of the information you provide. Even an unintentional error or omission could permanently bar you from entry. Lengthy delays or even permanent refusal of your visa application is possible.

In some cases where such difficulties arise, Visa Universe can even change the type of visa application we are making for you in mid-process.

Visa Universe is in close contact with embassies and consulates on a daily basis, and for this reason, we are kept up to date on the newest regulations and requirements. If getting a visa to travel to a particular country is important to you then you should always consider using a reputable professional visa service that can assist you in the process.

Time and money savings: By using our expedited services, you gain the time you need to book your airline tickets and hotel reservations well in advance of your trip.

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